An Internet Storm Center monitor

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What is infokon?

infokon is a KDE application which monitors the state of the Internet Storm Center INFOCon and loads the headlines of the Handler's Diary.

The intent of the 'Infocon' is to reflect changes in malicious traffic and the possibility of disrupted connectivity. Of particular importance is the concept of "Change". Every host connected to the Internet is subject to some amount of traffic caused by worms and viruses. However, once a worm has been identified and the number of infected machines is no longer increasing, this traffic is not likely to cause any disruptions.


Author: Jörn Ahrens

If you have found a problem with infokon or if you want to have a nice new feature in a future version, please let me know.

How to get infokon?

Using infokon

infokon can be started as an application which displays its state icon in the System Tray or it can be plugged as an applet into a panel.

infokon states

Infokon changes its icon color, according to the different INFOCon states:

Everything is normal. No significant new threat known.
ISC is currently tracking a significant new threat. The impact is either unknown or expected to be minor to the infrastructure. However, local impact could be significant. Users are advised to take immediate specific action to contain the impact. Example: 'MSBlaster' worm outbreak.
A major disruption in connectivity is imminent or in progress. Examples: Code Red on its return, and SQL Slammer worm during its first half day
Loss of connectivity across a large part of the internet.
An error occurred while loading the INFOCon state.
Unknown status. Mostly because infokon is just loading the state.

infokon menu

A click on the status icon opens the infokon menu. Here are the headlines of the Handler's Diary available. You can open the whole article in a browser when you click on the headline.


Using a proxy

Infokon uses the globally configured proxy in the KDE Control Center. So you are able to use infokon, if you are behind a proxy.